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Online events and the barriers to networking when you’re disabled

You have just graduated with your MFA in creative writing! Congratulations! The world is now yours to do just as your professors advised you to do and network, network, network. The global pandemic means all networking events have shifted to online events and that means you can attend all of…

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The inherent ableism of traditional publishing

“You must write Every. Single. Day. You will never make it otherwise!

“Start your query with a personal connection!”

“Writers hustle! Good writers must love the hustle!”

These were the lessons taught over and over throughout all of my writing education. Repeated to the point one might wonder if instructors…

Close-up screencap of YouTube’s auto-captions that say, “wish a happy book birthday to Gabriel our 12-inch author…”

On any platform

You made a video! Maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s your 500th. Whatever the case, you have a video and now it needs captions. But…how do you get captions? And why do you need them? And if you’re uploading it to YouTube, surely the auto-captions provided by YouTube will suffice…

Skyrim, like many games, has always been something of an escape for me. Here’s a world I can do just about anything I want and be fairly unstoppable. I can befriend my companions, get married, adopt a kid, and go out adventuring, living the life of a hero, despite having…

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